Saturday, August 18, 2012

looking back

last year when I started this blog I wasn't expecting much. It all started because my friend Emma convinced me to make a blog. I started with that terrible starters blog design than by reading some tutorials I my design grew and I added some pages. I'm still working on the writing piece, because its nice to read personal blogs. but on that point I also grew since the start. now 94 posts, 35 followers, 21951 page views and 132 comments later I am kind of proud of what I reached and I am full of energy to start this next year.

last week I went to buitenkunst (you could translate it as outside art). witch is a wonderful place. its an camping where you can participate workshops each day I made some paintings (kind of proud at them), song, wrote and listened to music. I really advise every body to go there, but you do have to be dutch. more about buitenkunst later I have only one week left before school starts. but for now I can look back at a nice vacation with Emma :). here some pics I made this vacation

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  1. I love your photos! I need to practice getting the right exposure before I have pretty photos like yours :) Keep up the good work!