Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy easter, a tutorial

 Happy easter everyone. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family. I made this coming-out-of-an-easter-egg photo as easter greeting this year. I was inspired by the awesome works from Joel Robison you should check out his work, its amazing. He made a tutorial on how he creates his masterpieces. This is a Picmonkey tutorial, and if you use this link you will get a free day of premium.
*Click like to see more for the tutorial*

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are only a few weeks of school left for me. Then there will be exams and then the glorious summer will make its way into my life. I'm going to do so many awesome things this summer, including Portugal, Finland and lots of spare time. And then I'll enter a new stage in my life, University. pam pam pam pam. I'm really looking forward to these things, and often that means I'm kind of waiting for the summer to come. I guess I should live a bit more in the moment, and enjoy my last days as a 'child' (I'll be 18 soon, and I guess that means I'm almost an 'adult'). blah blah, here are some pictures of flowers, cuz the greens in my garden are beautiful these days. I guess I'll should be studying now. hehe

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

photo manipulations

As you might know I really like manipulated photos. I'd say photoshopped, but I don't really agree with that term since you can edit photos in other programs (that do not cost 600 euros) too. Anyway I thought I'd show you some of my own works that I have not shown you before. These are all made in Picmonkey, and sometimes I used Microsoft paint too. Yay for free programs. I'll make a short note at every picture about how I created them.
-for this one I opened one photo in picmonkey and than added the same photo as an overlay. I fliped it and then I used the circular paint/eraser brush to make this pattern. It's kind of trippy, I like it.
This is a photo collage, also made using the overlay option. I used 6 photos on this one. It kind of reminds me of surrealistic art.
This is my lovely boyfriend Tim, don't worry he wasn't falling for real. If you'd like to learn how to achieve this effect take a look at my tutorial on levitation photography.
I copied this concept from a photo I am unable to find. So I'm really sorry I can't give credit for the idea. I used Microsoft paint to make the triangle shapes, then uploaded those in picmonkey as overlays and adjusted them a bit. 
for this one I used the tint option in picmonkey to add the color. I really like the rainbow stuff in this one. 
Once again I used paint for the triangle shapes, and uploaded them to picmonkey as an overlay. 

So I hope you guys like my stuff, in case you do you might like to follow my photography board on pinterest.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

make your own galaxy photo with picmonkey

hey ho, I'm here today to learn you how to make your own super fancy galaxy photo. It is not that hard, and it uses picmonkey, which is free, so you don't have any reasons left not to spice up your holiday snapshots with some stars. (using this link, gives you a free day picmonkey royal)
(click like to see more for the tutorial)