Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love threadless

I just love threadless. its a website where they sell t-shirts with so cool prints. I haven't bought one myself but mabey i will. this is a small selection of nice prints. I use them as background for my laptop.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

we got chicks

my mom had chickens when she was a child. and since we moved to a new house with a bigger garden she wanted to have some chickens. so now we have them and they are adorable, so cute. they are now 6 weeks old.
they have no name yet so if you know one please subscribe. they are both female.
i know its a ugly picture but there is a chick on my head.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

my bracelets

this morning i made the a braclet with a scarab bead. I didn't made the bead. i also made the braided one for that one i used this tutorial. I also like the other two.

crest necklace

when i found this broch between my mom's jewellery I immediately liked it. and i made a necklace of it. it was really simple I only needed to add a necklace.

fused plastic bag pouch

I love the idea of recycling old plastic bags and make something new of it. and when I saw this red wite striped plastic bags I needed to make something of it. I used this tutorial.

Friday, August 12, 2011


just a few tings I love, like, inspirate me, etc

new school bag

I just finished my new bag for school and I love it. I used two tutorials one for the bag, and one for the print on the flap. but with te bag tutorial I had a few problems with the dimentions, the on the tutorial were a bit to small. I have put the zipper on a diffrent way in it and I used diffrent inside pockets.


For everybody who like my blog, be grateful to Emma. Emma is a very good friend of mine. And she persuaded me to write this blog. Read her blog once to. She moved to finland a couple of years ago. But we still have good contact with letters, msn, and sometimes we visit each other. I'm planning to go to her this winter, I'm really exited beacuse I only have bin in Finland in the summer, and never seen more than maybe 30 cm snow here in Holland. but in Finland is a whole meter usual. here are a few pictures. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

tings I have sewed before I started bloging

This are the things I made before I started blogging. Like to see more pictures watch my burdastyle acound

the transformation

My wall has been orange for allmost 4 years. But now a huge transformation happened. I painted it. now it's grey it should be just a bit more broun. but I like it anyway. As long it's not orange anymore.

mustache, Schnurrbart, snor, viikset, 鬍子,شارب

I wanted a mustache necklace for a long time. and now I finaly got one. I made it myself from an old necklace, a piece of metal and a few hints from my mom. hope you like it as much as I do.


just a few tings that i like, want to make myself, or inspirate me
non of them is mine, i just coppyed the pictures of others

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

poker face

today I teached a friend of mine how to play poker. And we made a few pictures. I really like them
do you like my hat. I do 
I never cheat why do you ask 
no there ar no ases in my hat
its Hanneke VS. Gemma
 thats my wonderful poker face
and yes I won

hi everybody

today will be the first day of my blog. maby it's going to be a disaster maby a huge sucsess maby this would be my first and last post maby im going to write twentythousend more posts.
Why the name of my blog don't know well i sew and submarine rhymes with sewingmachine.
well this will be the end of this post.
maby till later maby till never