Sunday, August 19, 2012

-DIY- sunglasses

The idea for this begun when I was drawing things on these sunglasses with a white board marker. I drawn a lot of designs on it, because its white board marker its easy wipeable. well lets get started after the read more :) I used nail polish for the color.

1. materials:

- sunglasses
- tape
- nail polish

2. tape
tape around your design to get straight lines. and don't spill around.

3. polish
apply your nailpolish and let it dry. if its dry remove the tape. and you're finished! and if you don't really like your design you can just remove it with some nailpolish remover.


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  2. I really love this diy, and i am sure that i am going to do this! :) Thank you for sharing ♥

  3. Be careful, nail polish remover might start to dissolve the plastic of the sunglasses.