Sunday, August 26, 2012

into the woods

in the woods, is a camping called buitenkunst, and I wanted to update you some more about my adventures there. because It was such a inspiring week. At our first day we went to a workshop called "euvre in een ochtend" which means something like your entire collection of life works in one morning. we started in the first period in our lives and had to paint/draw 5 little works and after that we looked at each others works, stole ideas, and started our next period. and after 5 periods our 'lifework' was completed. This is my favorite one:
that afternoon we went to a workshop called 'scratching scratching'. In contrast with that morning we only had 10 by 10 cm to work on for two ours. we only had to scratch, just two ours scratching only. It was weird at the start. but at the end it was fun to see, everybody scratches different. here is mine and some others:


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  1. wow :) I like your artwork :D
    Amy x