Friday, December 14, 2012


"Maybe I'm just a crazy fool
Who lives by a crazy rule
To bring happy thoughts
Happy thoughts to you"

That's one of my favorite quotes of them. And I've been to their concert, and it was lovely. The singer made some funny jokes like replacing the sentence 'happy thoughts to you' with 'cause happy thoughts are cool' and he told story's about the songs, par example he had bullied someone when he was young because he stuttered, and now his own son stutters, and he regrets that he bullied the boy, and wrote a song about it called better be kind.
here's two of my other favorite qoutes from racoon:
"Flowers pop out of the street, everywhere I place my feet"
"Please don't give up the fight, for no reason"
 "close your eyes you might see something beautiful"

 Racoon is a dutch band and they made 7 albums so far so there is much to listen. their big hit (in the Netherlands) is love you more, that's a great song. The pictures here are made by Tim, but edited by me. He did brought his camera and I forgot.

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