Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY doily bags

I made these tree bags with only two simple materials, a doily and a piece of string. you could use them as gift wrapping or to put your socks in so they wont spread out trough your suitcase when you travel. Its a good way to repurpose old dolly's, or perhaps to get a bit of a vintage look under the Christmas tree I thought of this when I was making my homework, hehe.
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 you need:
-a doily
-a piece of string

1. weaving

weave the tread trough the holes of the doily, you can skip some holes each time. make a knot at the end of the tread so it wont slip back.

2 fill and pull the tread
fill your bag with something, like a present or perhaps socks? Than pull your string and tie a bow. and your done, its really easy like I said.

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  1. oh! These are so cute! I totally have to try making them sometime!