Monday, December 31, 2012

looking back at 2012

2012 was the year I turned 16, the year I traveled a lot Rome, Barcelona, Brussels, it was the year my blog turned one year old, the year I wrote my first DIY posts and the year I bought my DSLR. But I did much more here's an overview what I did.

I started the year in Finland, visiting my friend Emma. We had lots of fun. Back in Holland I had some sunset walks with Tim.

 February was my Ice skating month, I love ice skating it's so awesome to slide over the water where you have sailed once too. 

after the cold February came a sudden temperature switch, It was short pants time. O how I love short pants time, hehe. That month I wrote my first DIY, witch meant a huge increasing of my blog statics.

In April I went to Terschelling with school there we had to make a map of a piece of land. It was fun being outside with my friends. That month I also got my SLR camera, a fifty year old Zenit-E.

In May I bought my DSLR camera, and it was worth its price. That month I also had my one year relationship anniversary with my boyfriend Tim. 

June was my birthday, we had a bonfire in my backyard. I went to a musical about the second world war, that's the airplane picture. And I went to the biggest flea market from Holland.

In July the summer vacation started, and Emma visited me for two weeks, we had a great time. But just before the vacation I had a yumyum birthday high-tea to celebrate the birthday of a friend of mine. I also visited Tim in his vacation house.

In August our first baby chicken was born. I went to see the sunrise with Emma. we celebrated our one year bloggership. Isn't my blog cute with its little party hat, for some reason he didn't eat his cake. And I went to buitenkunst, You could translate that as  outsideart, a camping where you can go to art workshops each day. 

In September the rest of our baby chickens where born. Further I enjoyed the last month of summer eating pizza and watching sunsets.

In October we went to Barcelona. And our chicks grew up a bit as you see. 

ROMA, in November I was in Rome, O gosh what a beautiful time we had. I was there with school. In Holland I wore my winter clothing but there I didn't even wore a jacket. It was great.

In December the first snow fell, but that only lasted a day or two. I went to my first concert. And today I'm celebrating new year.

I wish you all a very happy 2013

*I stole this idea from my friend Emma.


  1. Gelukkig nieuwjaar gemmelebem !!!! : DDD

  2. I have Zenit too! It's my grandpas. I am yet to use it. Happy new year!

  3. Ahh your year looks soo so interesting♥♥
    i JUST LOVE THESE PHOTOS AND your chicks :)) ^^ soo cute!!

    xx Barbora♥♥