Monday, April 15, 2013


remember the project I told you about? I was chosen to attend 3 photography workshops and exhibit at a art+music festival. Well I have to say the festival was great, there was a bluegrass band. And I really really like bluegrass hehe. It was great and there where some great artworks. The theme was to show something you're angry about or like to see different. There where art works about homo-phobia, violence in video games, fast food, bullying, girls wearing to much makeup, and one about the fact people say really nasty things about Justin Bieber, he is just a kid making music, not liking him is okay but saying he must burn in hell goes a little to far don't you think?
my artwork is about apathy, sometimes I waste my day lying in bed or sitting behind a computer all day. And when the day is over I'm always a little angry/disappointed in myself. When you go out doing something life is so much more fun! that's what mirror-me is trying to tell sleepy-me.
the festival was organized by the ark of art