Friday, April 5, 2013


 what the future will be like we can't know, but we can make plans to built ourselves a great future. in my case I want and will go to university after my highschool. And today I did a little orientation.

Today I went to the open day of the Technical University of Delft. I went to the Industrial Design Engineering faculty. And I loved it. When you study industrial design you learn to design product from wind proof umbrellas to sustainable cars or a new pretty coffeemaker or maybe special running shoes. It includes a lot of physics but also design classes. And that is the combination I search for in a study. I think it's exiting to think of my future plans. I might move out my parents house too. 
Right now I'm in the pre exam year of my secondary school. So I have an other complete year to think of my study, future job and what I want. I'm really happy that I found a study I'm exited about. Because I am going to spend at least 5 years and my job is probably going to be in the same category it is important to find something that you like.

well I haven't been posting a lot this month. But I am not so inspired lately. since the spring is gone again it even snowed a little bit. But next week I'm going to participate at an art project. I am really exited and I will show more later.


  1. Wat ontzettend leuk dat je naar die opleiding bent wezen kijken! Volgens mij heeft mijn vader die gedaan haha, en ook die design opleiding in Eindhoven. Het lijkt mij ook altijd heel erg leuk :)!
    Aan wat voor een project doe je mee? Ik ben benieuwd, wel posten hoor!

    1. het project heet "brand los!" en is van de Ark of art. ik ga drie fotografie workshops volgen en mag exposeren in lvc. ik heb er zin in :)

  2. Wow! good for you! It does sound very exciting :D
    You've been awarded if you want to participate: