Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I've been to Rome last week, and it was great. I really loved it over there. I went there for seven days and it were seven awesome days, with so much to see, not so much time to sleep but so much time for fun. We went there with school. Somedays it was so warm in the sun it felt like summer, and if there is one thing I love it's summer. I can get so happy of some good sunshine. the thing I liked the most in Rome was Ostia antica, an old harbor, you can see rests of a great roman city built at the best days of the roman empire. and that combinated with sunshine and friends made for me the best part of the trip and a happy feeling.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life is a chance to enjoy the world

and you’ve only got one shot.
So you better give it all you’ve got.
~Roland Albertson~
The cool thing about Roland Albertson is that he makes music just for the music and so all of his songs are legally free downloadable here. I like 'no place like home' most. This lyric comes from the song 'to yourself'.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


tomorrow I'll have my last exam (for this week) and Monday I'll be leaving to Rome, I'm so exited about it. We're going there with school and I'll stay there one week.
And as 'learning avoidance behavior' I have been making some bracelets. I finally learned how to make a fish bone bracelet.
I also made a book to write my ideas down. I used to write them everywhere but now I can organize them. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I love my life

I love my life. I love it because:
1.I like myself,
and I think everybody should. I mean that you would like to be friends with yourself. And if you woudn't you will need to change something. Nothing (big) to change? that means your a nice person and you shouldn't be insecure.
2. I'm lucky,
I'm lucky to have such good friends and the best boyfriend of all. And I'm blessed with so much more, I'm blessed with sunny days, with warm smiles, with nice songs in my ears, with warm fires in the fireplace, with yummy food,with a warm bed, a nice house and I can make up a shipload of other things.

While writing this I noticed I have so much and there is no need to envy others for anything because I have so much. Of course my life isn't perfect at all but I love it

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photo edit roundup

Good photo manipulation is my favorite art form. So I wanted to share some of my favorites. You should really take a look around on the websites of these artists they have great work. I found all of these on pinterest but unfortunately a few linked back to sites like tumbler, and that means that there is no link to the original website. So I couldn't always find the sources or the artists, If you happen to know one of them please let me know so I can complete the list.
 (from left to right) 1.Michal Karcz 2.Unknown 3 Christoffer Relander 4.Thomas Barbèy 5. Nikolaj Lund 6.Unknown

Thursday, November 1, 2012

-DIY- double, triple and multiply exposure

I have allways been amazed by the awesome effect double exposure gives. Originally this effect is achieved by exposing one film twice, now we are in the digital age we can fake this effect with some more control. I used Picmonkey to make these two. Click the like to see more button for the tutorial.