Thursday, July 3, 2014

how to give your camera a pretty wooden look

The very first DIY that I wrote was about customizing your phone with some contact paper. I still had some of that pretty wood printed contact paper waiting to be used. When I saw this camera on pinterest I thought "omg that's so pretty!" and then I thought "hey I can make that too" and than I discovered that the pretty pinterest camera was a craft by someone. Anyway, If you have a camera at home that can use a little makeover you should totally try this. And its not permanent at all you can just remove it, but it stays on pretty well if you do like it. Lets get started!

You'll need:
- a camera (duh)
- some contact paper / self adhesive foil
- Scissors
- an exacto knife
- a marker (not in the picture) can come in handy too

- remove everything from your camera that covers the area you want to paste upon. like the little grip my camera has. (some parts aren't removable)
- cut a piece of paper that is about the size of the area you want to paste upon. 
- cut pieces out of it so it will fit the shape of the camera better
- than stick it on the camera a lot of pieces will not really fit perfectly yet. 
- use the exacto knife to cut the edges of the foil straight and fitting. (not pictured)
aaand you're done!
Here is a little tip: the foil comes in many prints and colors so you don't have to go for wood, you can try crazy colors or awesome prints too. This project doesn't take much time and it really makes your camera stand out. It's also great to hide ugly spots on your camera or a good replacement if the original vinyl comes off. Don't have a camera to try this with? Try it on something else like ehh your phone, remote control, storage boxes... let your imagination run wild! And please show me your results.