Friday, May 31, 2013

-DIY- feathers in your hair

A little while ago a friend of mine was wearing feathers in her hair. And I loved it. Now I have it myself too. I'm walking around with these things in my hair for about a week now, and I got a lot of compliments about it. All credits go to Jaƫl, because she kind of invented it, and she putted them in my hair. Oh and the photos are by Tim. But I did wrote the tutorial myself :)

little feathers,
someone who can braid tiny braids
needle treader or piece of string (see tip 2)
silicone lined crimp beads (like these)
what to do
- take a little hair lock
- braid it from where it starts to the end.
- slide a crimpbeat on it (you can use a needle treader for that)
- put the feathers you choose in it too
- close the beat with the pliers

for more photos & tips click 'like to see more'

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Two years ago he asked me if he was my boyfriend, today we're still together. And I hope we'll still be in love next year. I remember the first days of our relationship, I was a little shy, but hey I was only 14 (and about 11 months). who the hell finds true love at his/hers fourteenth. I must be an extremely lucky person.
but now I'm off to get my present for him finished.
ps I made a label for Tim posts, so click here if you want to be a creepy stalker like me ;)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

monthly tunes may

I selected 10 new songs of the month. This time there is a lot of music from Edward sharp and the magnetic zeros. I love that band, I first saw them in a documentary, touring with Mumford and sons and the old crow. golden. just perfect. it was so awesome to see them all go wild on stage. I loved looking at that doc, and I'm deferentially going to do it again soon. It's called big easy express.
than there is some Beatles and Langhorne Slim, and some others. the jungle giants are also always good for a little smile on my face. And a new one to me: Caroline smith and the goodnight sleeps. why do all these bands have such long names?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ring + hipsterday

Since there were two ill teachers at my school, a lot of classes got canceled. To fill in our free time my school thought of something, we got to make our own ring, out of silver. It was great and I really liked the classes. I really like the way mine came out. And I'm going to wear it a lot. We were taught by Ralph Bakker.

we had a little vacation and me and Anke, a friend of mine, had a hipsterday. We planned to do this a long time, but back than it was winter, and we couldn't go outside to take nature pics. You can see the result below. Also see our pinterest board about it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 I know it's been a while. But today I'm showing you something I'm exited about. because last week I shot my Polaroid photos. finally 2 years after buying my camera. I remember buying it for only 2 euros at a Finnish flea market. I couldn't believe the price. and a little more than a year later my friends gave my a film pack for my birth day, these things are 25 euros for 8 photos, damn... That's why I waited so long to use them. I was afraid to waste them.
The battery is included in the package, and the battery that was in the package that came with the camera was empty, so I think its formal owner thought the camera was broken but the battery just ran out. In that package was still one overexposed failed photo that I used for a little project.
when they come out of the camera, the photos are blue, like completely blue. And you have to hide them away from light for a few minutes. Then they develop and lose their blueness. And you have your Polaroid pic. I love the colors, light leaks, spots and these edges, the upside one is blue at most photos. I even like them being a bit unsharp, because you can't focus with a Polaroid camera, you can only slide a close-up lens in front of the lens.
I really like talking about vintage cameras, but I'll leave it at this for today. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
ps. this is so much cooler than the effects on instagram. It's the real deal