Thursday, August 30, 2012

100st post, and a little friend

This is my 100st post! that means that I  achieved one of my goals. And this 100st post goes about my small friend. We'f got a baby chicken :), it doesn't have a name yet, but we don't know if its a boy or a girl. any suggestions? the chickens are still breading 7 more eggs.... so it maybe gets brothers or sisters. only three days ago this yellow puff came out of its egg. its so cute :) my heart melts every time I see him/her.
It doesn't want my kiss

note: I just found out this isn't my 100st published post, because blogger also counts your concepts. so acctualy its only my 86st post but hey it goes about the idea don't you think. 
o and school started so the posting will get a little less but I already made up a new DIY. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

into the woods

in the woods, is a camping called buitenkunst, and I wanted to update you some more about my adventures there. because It was such a inspiring week. At our first day we went to a workshop called "euvre in een ochtend" which means something like your entire collection of life works in one morning. we started in the first period in our lives and had to paint/draw 5 little works and after that we looked at each others works, stole ideas, and started our next period. and after 5 periods our 'lifework' was completed. This is my favorite one:
that afternoon we went to a workshop called 'scratching scratching'. In contrast with that morning we only had 10 by 10 cm to work on for two ours. we only had to scratch, just two ours scratching only. It was weird at the start. but at the end it was fun to see, everybody scratches different. here is mine and some others:


Monday, August 20, 2012

-DIY- bubble wands

Bubbles. Bubbles? BUBBLES! I love bubbles they stay some kind of magic to me. I was blowing them today in the garden during a semi photoshoot with my boyfriend. Than my mom came with this awesome idea, to make my own bubble wands form wire. Learn how to after the jump

buitenkunst: the paintings

At buitenkunst I did two painting workshops.
the first one was called action painting, in the morning we got a picture, mine was a bird and we had to paint it. In the afternoon we did the actual action painting, however I didn't really like the results It was fun. We had to smash and splash paint and paint full of action. For the square one I used some kind of pinecone to paint. ow and yes the bird is supposed to be upside down. here are the results:

The other workshop was called 'there is something happened' the assignment was to make a landscape where is a was some kind of atmosphere that there was something happened, but you could not see what. like two shoes in the middle of a quiet wood. I'm actually a little proud of these. here are my results:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

-DIY- sunglasses

The idea for this begun when I was drawing things on these sunglasses with a white board marker. I drawn a lot of designs on it, because its white board marker its easy wipeable. well lets get started after the read more :) I used nail polish for the color.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

looking back

last year when I started this blog I wasn't expecting much. It all started because my friend Emma convinced me to make a blog. I started with that terrible starters blog design than by reading some tutorials I my design grew and I added some pages. I'm still working on the writing piece, because its nice to read personal blogs. but on that point I also grew since the start. now 94 posts, 35 followers, 21951 page views and 132 comments later I am kind of proud of what I reached and I am full of energy to start this next year.

last week I went to buitenkunst (you could translate it as outside art). witch is a wonderful place. its an camping where you can participate workshops each day I made some paintings (kind of proud at them), song, wrote and listened to music. I really advise every body to go there, but you do have to be dutch. more about buitenkunst later I have only one week left before school starts. but for now I can look back at a nice vacation with Emma :). here some pics I made this vacation

Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy birthday blog!

Exactly one year ago I wrote my first post, don't you think thats a reason for a party? I did! Me and Emma where one year bloggers so we baked a cake hang some flags and invited some friends. :)

It was nice and we had a lot of fun playing games like twister. this was the last time I saw Emma for 2 years, because she is going to Australia. Yesterday I said goodbye to Maud to, she is leaving to Florida for a high school year too. I don't like saying goodbye. but I will survive.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Today me and Emma waked up really early in the morning (6 o clock) to watch the sun rise. It was cool. after that we went to the airport to pick up two friends of  Emma. They are staying here for one week to see Holland. it was a really long day for me so I'm going to catch some sleep. because tomorrow is early again because we are going to de ijhallen.

Friday, August 3, 2012


last three days I left Emma alone, (don't worry she was fine with other Netherlands friends) to visit my boyfriend. I hadn't seen him for 2 weeks. and i will not see him for an other week now. we slept in our tent and we had our own lamp! (appreciate the small things). we ride a tandem and saw loads of pretty nature. it was really nice but now I am going to enjoy me with Emma again, which is loads of fun too!