Thursday, August 30, 2012

100st post, and a little friend

This is my 100st post! that means that I  achieved one of my goals. And this 100st post goes about my small friend. We'f got a baby chicken :), it doesn't have a name yet, but we don't know if its a boy or a girl. any suggestions? the chickens are still breading 7 more eggs.... so it maybe gets brothers or sisters. only three days ago this yellow puff came out of its egg. its so cute :) my heart melts every time I see him/her.
It doesn't want my kiss

note: I just found out this isn't my 100st published post, because blogger also counts your concepts. so acctualy its only my 86st post but hey it goes about the idea don't you think. 
o and school started so the posting will get a little less but I already made up a new DIY. 


  1. Hey I love your blog!
    If its a boy or a girl Id call it Peach because it is really cute and fluffy!
    It is so great that you got to 86 posts I am on 4 :D
    My blog is
    I would love it if visited it and gave me some advice on how to get it going!
    Also if you have any space I would love to do an ad spot!

  2. Petronella voor een meisje
    Minoes voor een jongen