Thursday, June 26, 2014

6 things that happened lately

These last weeks a lot happened in my life, and when I was scrolling through my older blogposts I realized this blog isn't something I want to give up, so I thought lets update you guys! here are 6 things that I have been on my mind lately:
1. I graduated
I passed my final exams, and with that finished my high school. I have been in a waldorf school for the 6 years of my high school and I have got to say that I loved it. All these years I made some great friendships. And I am definitely going to miss my classmates and the school itself, but I also look forward to the next step in my life, university. *this photo of our school building is not mine, but I couldn't find the original owner* (for architecture lovers who like to see more photos of the building just google 'marecollege leiden')

2. I got selected for my study
The study I chose has a numerus fixus, which means that they only let 330 students in each year. You can get in by drawing of lots or a talent based selection. And I'm proud to say that I am one of the 50 selected people. I'm going to study Industrial Design and Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. I am really exited because the study fits me very well, its creative but also technical. There will be a lot of change in my life the coming year, a new school, new people, a new city, and a new house cuz I'm moving out next year. A great adventure is ahead!
3. my chickens got baby's
13 of those fuzzy little things are walking in my garden and I adore them.... :)
4. I had my birthday party
I'm turning 18 next Sunday but I had my party this weekend. We had a bonfire in the backyard and it was fun and cozy. We had a great time
5. I went to Portugal
When the exams were over me and my friends took the plane and flew to the sunny city of Porto. Oh my we had the best time, after a busy year of learning for exams and making projects we had finally had time to completely relax. And what a beautiful city Porto is.We were there with 16 people and we had rented a cheap apartment, really everything is cheap in Porto, the food the apartments, the transport. Perfect for us :P

6. the summer holidays started
So I hang out a lot with the boyfriend and the friends, were shorts, smell flowers, go to party's and sleep the entire morning... hehe. Aaaand I'll be going to Finland to visit my lovely friend Emma.

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