Saturday, March 15, 2014

make your own galaxy photo with picmonkey

hey ho, I'm here today to learn you how to make your own super fancy galaxy photo. It is not that hard, and it uses picmonkey, which is free, so you don't have any reasons left not to spice up your holiday snapshots with some stars. (using this link, gives you a free day picmonkey royal)
(click like to see more for the tutorial)

step1, open that photo
okey, heres the first thing to do, go to and click edit, than pick your photo and upload it. Go to the textures section and select space. (you can see the buttons you have to click in the image, there is a big red arrow pointing at it)

step 2 galaxy texture
if the paint screen doesn't open itself click the little brush above the cancel button. Use the brush to ungalaxy your subject. Slide the fade to the left, so it says 0%.
Now zoom in a bit (the zoom button is in the right under corner of the screen) and use a smaller brush to paint a bit more precise. the more time you spend on this step the better it will look. when you're done press apply

step 3 finish
Now you can make some more adjustments to your photo, I really like black and white or crossprocces green for the galaxy photos. save your photo and you're done.
tip: if you don't want to to use picmonkey's galaxy texture you can download a nice galaxy photo and use that one, use the option 'your own' for that.

I don't really know if the galaxy trend is over already, but it is fun anyway. I hope some of you will find this helpful. I'd really like to go back to blogging on a little more regular base but I'm just to busy now. If you use this tutorial, show me. I love to see others use my tutorials and DIY's.

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  1. Great tutorial....
    Thank you ^^