Wednesday, July 10, 2013

birds stil sing outside these windows

 "And the birds still sing outside these 
 These windows where we sat together
  Like nothing ever happened here"

these are the first sentences from the song everything by Ben Howard. Ben Howard really is one of my favorites, pretty awesome music combined with pretty awesome lyrics. The wolves is an other favorite of mine. well I guess I just love all of his music, he should make a new album.
I guess the reason that I have this lyrics project is for a bit to share my favorite music but for a bigger part to practice with my (poster) design skills. I like creating these images. all of them are pics form vacations or random walks assembled with a quote form one of my favorite artists. And even tough these are not my most popular posts I don't stop making them because it are some of the posts I enjoy most making. And that is what blogging should be about don't you think? sharing stuff you like creating or talking about.

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