Thursday, July 5, 2012

goodby for now

Tomorrow I'm leaving for two weeks. I am going to sail and chill. Its a summer camp and I do it every year. when I come back Emma comes over for 3 weeks so there won't be loads of posting than either. and in the 6st week of my vacation I will go with a friend of mine to buitenkunst, an awsome camping where you can paint and dance and act. and the last week will be mine and my boyfriends so. but after that I will have loads to tell you and many photos to share. enjoy your summer!
I'll leave you with two of my new favorite photographers:

the first is Arno Rafael Minkkinen

And the second is Alex Stoddard
check out his flickr account too

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  1. Sounds like a buisy and fun vacation! i just came back from mine too! Hope you have loads of fun and stories to tell!