Thursday, February 2, 2012

vinyl record book

is it a vinyl record? is it a book? no its super vinyl record book cover! made out of two vinyl record's ductape and paper. tam tam tam


  1. This is incredible!!! I am pinning it to Pinterest right now. :D

  2. Smart and very creative.

  3. Replies
    1. well, I cutted it with a plexiglass cutter, you can use a stanley knife too,
      uhm clear version:
      - draw lines where you want to cut the vinyl
      - score the lines with a stanley knife 10 times
      - put the cut on the edge of a table and press on both sides hard till it breaks
      - when you have the rectangles you want, use ducttape to put them together.
      and paste them on the book.

      you might better look on google for a tutorial of cutting plexiglass thats the same tegnique. you can cut vinyls as well with a knife if you put them in the oven first.
      good luck