hey there,

I'm offering free add spots, if you want one here is how to:
-  mail me at submarinesandsewingmachines@live.nland confess me why you deserve this free add spot.  - Have a lovely website/blog- and it would be nice if you give me a free add spot back here are some buttons I made
I like supporting each other so feel inspired to give away free add spots on your blog to! It would be nice if we all do such tings to help each other. 
If you'll get one of these free add spots I'll mail you back and I'll make a button you can send me some images you I could use but I can also get them from your website myself. and then your add will be showed on my blog and thousands of people will click it, well maybe a little bit less. 
so feel free to mail me, you can also mail me for other things if you like.gemma

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gemma. :-)
    I recently discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading it. :)
    I'm also really inspired by your good will and wanting to help others! It's a really good idea, and I totally agree; if just we'd all do it to help each other out. :-)
    I'm so inspired by your idea that I think I'll imply it myself on my blog, if you don't mind. :-)