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hi there,
 If you read my post's notice the 'like to see more?' button below the post, I often add more pictures after the jump break. you can click the images to have a larger view. thanks for stopping by , have a nice day.
about me,
my name is Gemma, a 17 year old girl from The Nehterlands. I love crafting, drawing, photography and nature. my blog is about the tings I make and the tings I'm interested in.
I really like photography, I even got 3 cameras. (only one digital) including a Polaroid(!).

My blog is called Submarines and Sewingmachines because when I made it I thought I was going to post mostly about sewing. I learned sewing 5 years ago and I did made some stuff but I don't really like it because it's so frustrating. And the submarines part, Yellow submarine,  the Beatles, ..anyone?

let me tell something more about me
since two years I've got a boyfriend Tim. I love summer. I also got some super powers (some call it dyslexia) so I make sometimes spelling mistakes. I'm joining a waldorf school, which means that we have more art lessons than other schools, which I like. My mother did a academy of arts and my father studied maths. I am pretty small 1,60 meters (which is tiny in Holland). eh..

if you have any questions, ideas you want to share with me, or just want to say hi,
you can mail me at always mail something back, if I don't in ten days, my email selected your mail as spam and removed it, try mailing me again)


  1. I love your blog!
    Need to visit more ^^

    xx Barbora♥

  2. hey! Although I just found your blog (like, JUST), I'm already in LURVE with it ♥
    Vanessa :]

  3. You're very cute, Gemma!

  4. BTW, Gemma, just so you know, I was referring to your style, and your blog, not your appearance -- even though you are an attractive young woman. I like what I see and will follow you. I found you from the PicMonkey post.

  5. Hey gemma,
    i found your blog in craftgawker ,the kind of information you are sharing is what i need ,You're pictures are really nice ,looking forward to drop in everyday as i have bookmarked your site.
    thank you for sharing