life is full of lovely tings. And I want to live my life. Here are some of my goals / things I want to do before I die. the red things are already achieved. If I achieve something I'll link the post.

"we should live, until we die"

I want to:
1. bike a long end, like two entire days
2. make 100 posts (post)
3. sew my own wedding dress
4. have 100 followers
5. know some body in the USA: (maud)
6. have children
7. try HDR photography
8. sell some of my photos
9. be happy
10. have an awesome story to tell my grand-children
11. build a tree house and sleep in it
12. paint on a canvas
13. make street art
14. publish a zine
15. write a book (just a small one..)
16. go to university, maybe I'll study architecture, or biology
17. build a blanket fort
18. find true love (post)
20. use my Polaroid camera
21. write my own song (parhaps)
22. own a tandem
23. make a stop motion film
24. discover loads of great music
25. have a photo shoot with my boyfriend

I got the idea to do this from monica 

what are your goals?

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