Friday, May 31, 2013

-DIY- feathers in your hair

A little while ago a friend of mine was wearing feathers in her hair. And I loved it. Now I have it myself too. I'm walking around with these things in my hair for about a week now, and I got a lot of compliments about it. All credits go to Jaƫl, because she kind of invented it, and she putted them in my hair. Oh and the photos are by Tim. But I did wrote the tutorial myself :)

little feathers,
someone who can braid tiny braids
needle treader or piece of string (see tip 2)
silicone lined crimp beads (like these)
what to do
- take a little hair lock
- braid it from where it starts to the end.
- slide a crimpbeat on it (you can use a needle treader for that)
- put the feathers you choose in it too
- close the beat with the pliers

for more photos & tips click 'like to see more'

1. I have crimp beats for brown hair, the ones for blond hair are really light and are much more visible. so even if you have blond hair you might want to consider brown beats.
2. instant of a needle threader you can use a piece of thread, just make a knot in it so you create a loop. than slide the beat around it and put the hair trough the loop. Now pull the tread so the hair goes trough the beat.
3. you must use silicone lined crimp beats, the others might rust and are bad for your hair.
4. you can still wash and brush your hair with them, so you can wear them a long time.
5. peacock feathers are great to for this too.

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