Thursday, March 7, 2013

kind of spring

It's spring! Or atleast, it seems to be. Here in Holland we had a little 'heatwave' this week, it was about 14 degrees Celsius. There are little flowers everywhere. My chikens started to lay eggs. I even wore shorts! (with tights, hehe). And I have a new little camera, an Afga Clack. It's so cute. I've got a vintage camera obsession. But I made a deal with myself I can't buy a new one before I have taken pictures with all my camera's. I have 3 old ones now, and of course my dslr. :) 
enjoy the spring everyone.


  1. Happy spring!!
    Gr8 to hear about such good weather in Holland .))

    Oh btw we were just learing about Holland a couple of weeks ago :D at school - geography :))

    I´m from Slovakia :)

    xx Barbora♥♥

  2. Ah ja en nu is het zo koud :( Maar als ik weer deze foto's zie dan komt de hoop op snelle lente weer boven!