Monday, September 10, 2012

to DIY list

 these are some thing I want to make. links and motivation below:

1. these are so cute,  I really like those. maybe I'll make one for a friend (link)
2. If I only had two square scarfs... (link)
3. just like those (link)
4. pinata cookies, do I even have to explain this?! (link)
5. for some reason I'd like to have a balloon on a really long cord (link)
6. that triangle thing looks makable, I guess. It would look nice at a necklace (link)
7. I want to hang some photos of mine in my room and this would be a nice way (link)
8. I like this necklace (link)


  1. Pinata cookies!!! They're just too amazingcoolawsometerrificgreat to excist! :DDD

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog and I can't get over how cute all of this is! Piñata cookies?!? This is amazing. Ciao from your newest follower :))

  3. I'm so flattered that you included my collage art! :) Love those little herringbone bags!