these are my DIY projects:

 -DIY- customize your phone

learn how to customize your phone ore other device with self adhesive foil

 -DIY- reuse failed Polaroids

reuse failed Polaroids by putting in a new photo

-DIY- multicolor your world

learn how to use picmonkey to make this kind of collages and change colors of objects.

-DIY- bracelet

learn how to make this bracelet out of wire, nacre, glue and a piece of string

 -DIY- feather garland

A cute feather garland to cheer up your wall, or for a party

-DIY- sunglasses 

You only need some nail polish and tape to make your sunglasses a bit more interesting.

 -DIY- bubble wands

blowing bubbles is awesome, and it gets even better with these self made, custom shaped bubble wands

 -DIY- sunglasses

switch the legs of sunglasses to make them look cute :)

 -DIY- triangle nails

use some scotch tape and nail polish to create these cute triangle nails.

 -DIY- zip up shirt

insert a zipper into a shirt to give it a new look

-DIY- double, triple and multiply exposure

learn how to use Picmonkey to create a double exposure effect.

 -DIY- Dolly bags
make vintage look bags form old dolly's, can also be used as gift wrapping.

 -DIY- free lensing (also for sony)

free lensing is an awesome photography technique where you tilt your lens a bit to create a cool blur-sharp contrast.

-DIY- headbands

make cute headbands. it only takes two minutes

 DIY- learn to fly

Levitation photography is awesome, it lets you fly,
learn how to do it with picmonkey.

 DIY - Feathers in your hair

Get crafty with some crimp beats, feathers and your own hair! This feather hair look lasts up to a month.

DIY - vinyl record sleeves notebooks

got some old records at home? create some fun notebooks with their sleeves! fun and funky

make your own galaxy photo with picmonkey

spice up your holiday pics with some fancy stars. Its free and fun!

Easter egg photo tutorial

This tutorial is great if you want to learn how to combine two photos to create a fun effect.

 How to give your camera a pretty wooden look

Give your camera a little makeover! with some contact paper in a nice wood print you can give a entire new look to an already pretty camera!